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I have been teaching in California schools, both public and private, for the last 15 years. I started to blog as an attempt to further the conversation about the state of our public school system, and to make the case for a more balanced and rational approach to educating our children.

The Bell Curve

Education is a field that seems especially prone to ideological movements, trends and even fads. Sometimes these swings are substantive, and reflect well thought out pedagogical philosophies. Other times they are more political, with educational arguments mirroring the style and … Continue reading

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Texas Visionaries

Hello all,

Though I am having trouble getting off “the treadmill” long enough to write a new post, I thought I’d pass along a pretty cool document that I found by way of Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier’s blog. Apparently, a group of superintendents in Texas got together to try and craft a more enlightened and relevant vision for education in the 21st century. I confess I haven’t read it in it’s entirety, but from the table of contents and a quick skim, it seems like a great launching off point for conversations about new directions in education.




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Drowning in the Shallows

In my first post, I used the words “appropriate, meaningful and relevant” to describe the education that we should (and often fail to) provide for our students. But what does that mean? It’s clear that teaching to the test isn’t … Continue reading

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The Treadmill

Why am I awake right now? It is 7:00 AM on Saturday morning. Yesterday was a 12-hour day at school, plus two hours of commuting for good measure. I got home a little before 10pm after being pulled over by … Continue reading

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It’s summertime, and though I’ve taken the month off in terms of blog entries, my favorite educational reformer has not. Here is a great post by Diane Ravitch: Reasons for Hope

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My class just finished their STAR testing this past week, and as I near the end of my first full year back in a public school classroom, I have a deeper understanding of the pressures that public school teachers and … Continue reading

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Fear Is the Mind-Killer

In my teaching credential program my favorite course was educational psychology. While many of my peers were eager to get to the methods courses and start learning the specifics of how and what to teach, I was fascinated by my … Continue reading

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